Ottawa Citizen Interview with Entrepreneur Carla Bruno

Ottawa Citizen Interview with Entrepreneur Carla Bruno

CarlasCakes in the Ottawa Citizen.

When Carla Bruno was doing a degree in communications at the University of Ottawa a few years ago, she couldn’t get her mind away from the kitchen.

In fact, Bruno believed that her future was in making confections that are just as much a delight to the eye as they are to the tastebuds.

“My passion has always been for cooking and baking,” says Bruno, 23, who started out making special-occasion cakes in her parents’ kitchen for wedding showers and birthdays.

Then she started getting attention for the cupcakes she was bringing to the parties.

“At first, I was doing it for fun. Then my business started to explode.”

There’s a universal appeal in a frosted cake just big enough to hold in the palm of your hand. Shoppers buy them for a treat, high school students — both boys and girls — will pick one up after school, and workers will grab one as they’re leaving for home, she says.

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