The Best Easy Dark or Milk Chocolate Ganache Recipe Ever!

The Best Easy Dark or Milk Chocolate Ganache Recipe Ever!

I love chocolate ganache, and I especially love the fact that it is SO EASY to make!

You can make this recipe with white chocolate and milk chocolate as well! Use it to fill or top your cakes, cupcakes and desserts!

chocolate ganache dark chocolate and milk chocolate easy recipe

You’ll Need:
9 oz Dark or Milk Chocolate
1 cup Heavy Cream

Place your dark chocolate into a medium bowl.
Bring your Heavy Cream to a boil in a double broiler.
Pour over your chocolate
Cover and let sit for 10 min (do not stir yet)
After the 10 min, stir the chocolate and cream until all mixed up.
Allow Ganache to cool slightly before pouring over your cake.

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